Samantha Houdmont

Clinical Director Willowstone Care

It has been a pleasure to work with Elaine and her expertise in growing Willowstone as a small start-up, to a company that now has a 4 week waiting list for our services. We would have no hesitation in recommending Elaine’s services to companies that wish to find their marketing optimum. Elaine is a very professional and understanding person. She has a wealth of knowledge, in which she is more than happy to share to help with growing a business. For Willowstone, she was able to help in areas that we hadn’t even thought about. Elaine is very dedicated, and spends a lot of time and effort in delivering exactly what the client needs. She is able to take a brief and deliver above expectations at all times, and even provided a step by step guide to help explain the tech aspects.

Carla Bent

Owner, CB Nutrition, Herbalife, Chesterfield

Elaine was honest in her review of my business and whilst she herself didn’t fully understand the business model I use she asked all the right questions to ensure she fully understood and quickly. During the one to one Elaine helped me understand quickly that I was trying to operate in too many areas of my businesses growth and helped me see and where I should focus my energies and attention first. She also helped me see how I can grow the business outside of my main activities. From the one to one I can certainly see the benefits of using her advice and services which will give me a clear direction for my business growth. I have talked to many a business coach in the past, but felt on this occasion Elaine really took the time to understand me and my business with straight honest feedback and excitement too.  

Brian Sidwell

Owner, Brian Sidwell Photography, Bideford, Devon

Many many thanks for your time yesterday, it was a real pleasure to be able to talk to someone that can offer guidance and help, can look at things from a different perspective, but can be positive and friendly with it. Very refreshing. Thank you for the email with the links, this has definitely given me a fresh and positive outlook and made me look at my 'business' differently. Will definitely keep you upto date on how things are progressing.  

Richard Liston

I had a one-to-one session with Elaine and could immediately see the possible benefits of her advice, which is founded on many years of experience. Where Elaine scores highly is her no-nonsense, straightforward, yet friendly approach. She won’t soft-soap you, but she cut to the chase and told me where I am going wrong and, more importantly, where I should be going in order to get my business heading in the right direction. After the session I had clear ideas, new-found enthusiasm and a sense of purpose; and can honestly say that there is a lot to look forward to, in spite of these challenging times we are experiencing. One more thing I must say about Elaine’s business session: she did not at any time come across as if she is just trying to boost her own business at my expense, unlike so many self-proclaimed business gurus out there.  

Mohammed Sidat

Academica Mentoring, Leicester

I get plenty of enquiries all the time now.. My enquiries and ranking have gone up significantly in comparison to my competitors..I am ranking highly.. A big thankyou..

Richard Leeston


I just wanted to say a massive thank you for helping my business get on the 1st page of Google..I have seen a huge Improvement in my bottom line

Nickolas Nickolas

Sensual Massage For Women in Sydney

I have seen a big improvement in the massages booked through my business after your input..thank you.

Steven Sanderson

Sanderson Windows

“I want to share my awesome experience with Elaine and her team. I have tried so many ways over the years to get enquiries and pull in enquiries and keep the orders flowing. My business has grown doubled in revenue and profit in 2 years thanks to all the lead generation and Digital Marketing undertaken by Elaine. I no longer do mail shots, magazine advertising at all and rely solely on the Digital ways Elaine sets up, especially the Facebook ad campaigns she runs."

Graham Noblett

Warm Roof Conservatory Specialists

Couldn’t be happier with the work that Elaine has done for our company and the amount of leads we get, exclusive to us. We will most definitely be using Zing Lead Agency as we keep moving forward building our business.

Katie and Scott Allen

Advanced Window Systems, Basildon, Essex

Clare Fenton

Pets Escape Dog Walking, Buxton

"A brilliantly useful Facebook ads course delivered professionally but at an understandable level. I am glad I signed up and I definitely recommend her courses. I will be contacting Elaine for further help, I think everyone needs someone like her to help push their business to the next level. Elaine is extremely knowledgeable, friendly and interesting. She clearly and informatively explains what you need to do and how to do it! She knows the tricks and tips from her own experience and Elaine cuts through all the jargon to explain what everything means and what you need to do in order to be successful! Thank you!"  

Yasmina Brown


I just wanted to thank you for the 121 strategy session to discuss options for my business to raise awareness and get results. You mentioned quite a few things that will help me moving forward, and you helped to identify one reason my content was not picked up with some media outlets. Your suggested ways of assessing what my competition is up to and get a better understanding of them so I know how to then poisition my business was so crucial to me moving forward.. The other important thing you mentioned was getting my copy and message right for the audience I want to attract (you gave useful examples to “pull”) – I became aware as well that I needed to change my mindset to the whole approach to get “noticed”. Thanks again for all your help and I look forward to working with you again in the future!

Peter Lippett

Weat Country Bifolds Limited

Thanks so much Elaine – I found our 121 so interesting – there were lots of things I did not know about getting my business seen online and easier than I thought – I am really happy to go forward with you and excited to join your “Evergreen Lead Generation System” programme. I can really see the power of getting in the 3 pack – such powerful information and can really see the benefits!

Jemima Antwi


Thanks Elaine - great advice on our 121! As a startup there are so many roads to take and I felt you gave me a clear path to follow without overloading myself - a logical sequence to get the quickest results and to prove my market. Thanks so much.

Joanthan Thomas

Atcost Windows

I found the info Elaine gave me on getting our business seen online to attract our local customers so useful and identified gaps in what we are doing now and why we are not showing up online when people are searching for our services all the time. She also showed it is not that hard and techie to set up and I just need to follow certain steps and take a little action each week and then I can generate my own free leads.

Kayla Middleton

Bella Amor Mobile Beauty, Peterborough

I found the 1 to 1 with Elaine extremely useful and she really studied my business. I 100% learnt so much more than i thought I would. I didn't know much about posts or the right use of keywords and am armed so much better now. A massive thankyou!